Booking Request

Thank you for inquiring about booking your band at Stanley’s!

Here’s what you need to know about our process:


To be evaluated, please consider the following:

-We only book touring original artists on FRIDAY nights -Local artists enjoy residencies on all other nights, except Sunday when we are closed.
-We are NOT currently seeking any artists to fill residencies.
-We prefer booking ORIGINAL: Blues, Soul, Funk, Roots Rock, & Americana musical acts
-Date requested (I usually try to book at least 60 days out – but might have a hole or two closer in)
-Have you played in Tyler before? When? Where?
-What is your estimated draw?
-We need to see and hear your music. Please send an EPK & links to high quality YouTube clips of a live performance.
-Website? Social Media? Press? (that’s probably in your EPK – but just in case)
-For an artist we deem to be super rad, we have made rare exceptions to book shows on other nights, but it doesn’t happen very often.


Please note that Stanley’s will NOT book the following:

-Heavy metal or loud agro rock acts
-Twangy Country or Red Dirt. Although I DO respect a lot of country artists – the genre just doesn’t draw here. I have tried many times & I just can’t get it to work.
-Anything that goes against our philosophy of :
“Be Kind! Have Fun!”


We do not accept submissions at the service counter, over the phone, via Facebook or social media, or via U.S. Mail.
Please send an EPK & links to high quality YouTube clips of a live performance to: :

While I try my best, I appreciate your understanding that I cannot respond to or book every request I receive. If I am interested to know more, I will contact you soon. PLEASE DO NOT CALL the restaurant and ask about submissions – your message will NOT be delivered to me. Thank you for your consideration and understanding. In the meantime I wish you much success and best of luck.