Rod Gator (Free Show)

From: Sat, Oct 9, 2021 7:00 PM
To: Sat, Oct 9, 2021 10:00 PM

You can take the Gator out of Louisiana, but you can't take Louisiana out of the Gator. Years before launching his career as an internationally celebrated southern songwriter, Rod Gator grew up in the Louisiana backcountry, making trips to his family's crayfish pond
while absorbing the sounds, stories, and swampy swagger of his surroundings.

These are the strongest performances of his career, laced with Muscle Shoals-worthy grooves, overdriven amplifiers, sharp storytelling, and Gator's unique blend of spokenword delivery and southern crooning. He doesn't just sing; he rasps, twangs, talks, and howls, dipping into his background as an actor for a larger-than-life approach that's every bit as evocative as the songs' arrangements.

His first album tracked at Adrian Quesada's (Black Pumas) new studio also features contributions from Melancon's longtime drummer, Adam Nurre, and Black Pumas' keyboardist, JaRon Marshall. On an album that's heavy with A-list collaborators, though, it's Rod Gator who swims to the top. His source material may be heavy — with songs inspired by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the murder of George Floyd, and the long-simmering racial tensions that continue to plague Louisiana — but his writing is elevated, full of the cadence, characters, and charisma of his home state. For
Louisiana is equal parts love letter to the motherland and rallying cry for cultural progress, delivered by a Bayou State export who's still happy to let his freak flag fly.


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