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Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ to start "Round-Up for Charity" program

Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ is starting a "Round-Up" program, allowing customers to round up their receipt total to raise funds for local non-profit charitable organizations in East Texas.

With every purchase at Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ, their customers have the opportunity to round up their total to the next dollar. These collective donations will then be tallied each month and donated to a different, non-profit charity in the East Texas area.

Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ owners, Nick, and Jen Pencis, have decided to launch a "round up the change" initiative to include the community in their established efforts of fundraising and donating to non-profits in East Texas. This new program will allow Stanley's to gather a greater understanding of the needs in the community while also providing customers the opportunity to further the contributions made. Stanley's will collect the round-up funds in the span of one entire month. Once that donation period is over, Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ will present a check to an East Texas not-profit charity or fundraising event. Nick and Jen also plan to include their staff and customers in choosing the charities that the round-up campaigns will benefit each month. A community staple in business for over 60 years, Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ allows each of its customers to give back with their purchases. The "Round-Up" program, to begin this month, will be a way for Tyler residents and the many that travel to eat at the establishment to make a small donation to help East Texas directly.

"One of the most extraordinary things about growing a successful business through the years has been the immeasurable luxury of having enough to give back. Nick & I have been so fortunate to be able to contribute to our children's school performances at Caldwell Elementary, The East Texas Symphony, buy tables at the For the Silent Hope Gala, helping the Junior League in their monumental efforts by working with their Partner Card program, donating countless gift cards and services to local fundraising auctions, and fundraising internally for Nicholas Pet Haven, Pets Fur People, the SPCA, and other local animal rescue agencies, all efforts genuinely dear to my heart. One Christmas, very early on in our contribution efforts, we decided to give each staff member the funds to purchase a child's entire Christmas list from the Salvation Army's Angel Tree. It was truly the most meaningful Christmas I've ever enjoyed. Unfortunately, not everyone can get a seat at a Gala or fancy fundraising Ball. There's no time to volunteer in your child's PTA or at a local animal shelter if you're working multiple jobs. It can be heartbreaking to walk by that Angel Tree at Christmas time and want to help but know that you're struggling to provide for your own. In these moments, it's hard to know how to open up your charitable heart and can feel too daunting to begin. My greatest hope for this Round-Up initiative is that everyone is given the opportunity to not only do extensive good in their own neighborhood but to be able to tap into the amazing feeling of generosity. I'd love for each and every person to know the profound gladness of raising a glass and saying with confidence, "I just gave $5,000.00 to the SPCA this month or "we just bought Christmas presents for 100 children." In realizing that our ability to contribute is wholly and completely because of our community, I genuinely wanted to give it back. In true Stanley's "BE KIND - HAVE FUN" fashion, we intend to have a great time engaging & empowering everyone by their decision to Round-Up!" -Jen Pencis, Owner

If you would like to apply to be a recipient of our 2024 Round Up program, please fill out our application. Please email our Community Outreach Coordinator, Nora Schreiber, for this form or for any questions.


















































Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ encourages employees to become involved in their communities, lending their voluntary support to programs that positively impact the quality of life within our communities. 

Stanley's employees can serve as volunteers in 501(c)(3) non-profit community programs that are either of personal interest or are company-sponsored initiatives. 

Employees are able to take up to 2 work days of paid time off each month to participate in a specific volunteer program.

Submit a Donation Request OR APPLY FOR ROUND UP

Thank you for reaching out to us and considering us as an asset to your fundraising campaign – we are flattered and honored. We take our motto of “Be kind, have fun” very seriously. While having fun is easy here at Stanley’s, we understand that our success is a reflection of the community. We truly cherish that connection.

At Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ, we take pride in supporting charitable organizations in our community with our time, resources, and volunteers. There is no greater feeling than to be able to help someone less fortunate or in need. Our crew is some of the most active volunteers in the community, and we are supremely proud of them.

While we try our best, we appreciate your understanding that we cannot respond to or support every request we receive. If your request is approved, we will contact you soon. In the meantime, I wish you much success in achieving your fundraising goals. Thank you!


    Nick Pencis, Owner

We do not accept requests at the service counter, over the phone, via Facebook or social media, or via U.S. Mail. Please use the form provided.

Donation Request Form

Worthy Ones is a non-profit organization with the goal to constantly give opportunities of hope to the people of Texas.

Worthy Ones aims to seek out and find needs unmet for community members that have gone unnoticed and create unique solutions to help our neighbors. This is an organization unlike others, we aim to build personal connections with our community and provide aid.

We view all people as valuable and seek to treat our neighbors with empathy and respect. Worthy Ones does not discriminate against anyone. We believe that all people are worthy and deserving of support. With a variety of different projects, Worthy Ones has been able to give help to many in the East Texas area.

Best known for the Bus Stop Water Project, Worthy Ones is proud to be an organization that seeking out those falling throw the cracks and find ways to bring them aid. We are seen out about the town providing cool water in the summer, helping clean yards and repair homes of our neighbors unable to accomplish this themselves. Many of our volunteers can also be found collecting items for the various needs of our neighbors. This is truly one organization that is neighbors helping neighbors.


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